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MG Law & Consulting advises businesses, law firms and nonprofits on a variety of solution-oriented approaches to building relationships with State Attorneys General and other regulatory bodies in order to evaluate litigation, mitigate risk and advance business objectives.
Principal & Founder

Markus Green, Esq.

Global Attorney, Strategist  & Crisis Management Expert

What we do

We combine creativity with keen legal and policy analysis to cultivate a tailored approach for each client. We also advise national and state governments and government agencies on complex and challenging transactions and disputes.

When litigation is a necessary action, we advise on a variety of related strategies during all phases of litigation and resolution. We also consult clients on current and imminent crisis management.


  • Create Outreach/Government Relations Strategies
  • Conduct Legal and Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Conduct Diversity and Inclusion Audit
  • Evaluate Crisis Management Strategies


  • Advise on active government investigations (State AG, DOJ & Congressional)
  • Create or Revise Diversity and Inclusion Programs
  • Provide strategic advice for ongoing crisis

Markus Green  is one of the most creative lawyers with whom I have  worked in my fifty years of law  practice.

I had the privilege, as outside counsel, of working with Markus Green when he served as senior corporate counsel to Pfizer. We faced a number of complicated legal issues together. My experience with Markus Green was both a professional and personal delight. Though highly skilled,  Markus Green is both modest and a total team player.
Victor Schwartz
Partner at Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Victor Schwartz

Partner at Shook, Hardy & Bacon
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Markus shares some advice and words of encouragement to a pack audience of John Jay students and faculty.

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A reflection on becoming a Ghanaian Citizen

Despite the Pandemic, keep studying and stay focused 

Markus encourages John Jay College Students to continue to work hard during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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